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How do we know what we know about the Building Blocks of matter?

The things we learn about today in class are proven theories and facts provided to us by previous scientists. These things we learn are communicated to us from these scientists and passed on to us from generations. The building blocks of matter make up our world today and help us know many things. Many other discoveries help us with studies today. Avogadro’s number helps scientists and others in the field of chemistry solve many problems. Avogadro’s number also helps scientists to have a common number between each other, and communicate accurately.  The electron configuration affects the behavior of an element by giving off wave length. Another way is the Octet Rule when it wants 8 electrons in its outermost energy level.

One response

  1. These things may have been demonstrated by previous scientists, but YOU get to prove it to yourself.

    January 15, 2013 at 11:13 pm

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